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PLiN Nanotechnology, joined by a highly skilled personnel with decades of R&D experience, specializes in the fabrication and characterization of tailored metal and oxide nanoparticles. Our mission is to bring super-stable and functionalized nanomaterials to the market, synthesized through an eco-friendly route that will facilitate their global integration into both, commercial and customized products.

Contact us today and let us join you in developing, optimizing and integrating a suitable nanotechnology solution into your business and ensure the superiority of your future product line!


Whether you are in need of a SME to strengthen a project proposal, or in search of competent research partner to accelerate the development of an innovative commercial application, we at PLiN Nanotechnology can be the driving partner to your vision.

We offer the scientific rigor found in academia combined the rapid and cost-efficient development process mandated by industrial environments. Our aim is to deliver practical solutions, providing full disclosure, right from our conceptual approach through lab-work and product integration, while being utterly loyal to our customers’ confidentiality requirements.

We engage in projects scaling from commissioned research and collaborative development to contract R&D for the commercial exploitation of nano-enhanced products.

Contact us and let us see how we can assist your R&D.


Core Team

PLiN is lead by an award winning team of Academics (2 Professors, 2 Post-Doc and 1 Medical doctor). In 2015, their research experience (of more than 100 years combined) was propelled towards commercialization by 2 skilled entrepreneurs, leading to the foundation of one of the three spin-off companies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the largest research infrastructure in Greece.

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Think big! Nanoscience offers exciting opportunities for those who want to engage in a “tiny” technology dedicated to one of the highest paced industrial sectors globally. We believe that working on something small can lead to a big change and a promising career!

We offer lucrative compensation packages along with an inspiring and stimulating environment. At PLiN Nanotechnology we value creativity above all and never shine away from new ideas and challenges which we consider a chance to test our skills and resourcefulness.

If this sounds appealing to you and think you could fit in, then grab an opportunity to join a rapidly growing business during its first steps. Join us and seize a chance to fast-track your career by growing along with us.

You can apply to any positions listed below or e-mail us your CV and a cover letter describing your skills, irrespectively of any posting, so we can consider you for future openings.


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